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At a glance

In the POWERPOOR project various municipalities across Europe participate. The municipalities engaged through POWERPOOR are the pioneers incorporating the POWERPOOR approach within their main activities as a way of mitigating energy poverty. They are part of the POWERPOOR network and from their experiences, lessons learnt and best practices will be drawn and shared across Europe. More than 52 municipalities are engaged 23 of which have also established a local energy poverty alleviaiton office. 

Local Energy Poverty Alleviation offices

The Local Energy Poverty Offices act as a one stop shop of information on implementing the POWERPOOR approach in alleviating energy poverty. They can provide support to energy poor households both by directly proposing behavioural measures and no regret, low- cost energy efficiency interventions and by guiding them towards setting up or joining an existing energy community or cooperative and how to leverage innovative financing schemes. The mentors can use the POWERPOOR toolkit and all the available materials to support the energy poor.

Additionally, in the Energy Poverty Alleviation Office, the benefits of implementing energy efficiency interventions and installing renewable energy sources are communicated, more energy efficient behaviours, practices and habits are encouraged, and the use of the Energy Poverty Mitigation toolkit is promoted also as a practical way of monitoring and guiding the progress. In total, there are 22 Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices; 2 in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv), 2 in Croatia (Zagreb, Križevci), 1 in Estonia (Tallinn), 7 in Greece (Messini, Souli, Almyros, Tripoli, Aspropyrgos, WeEnCoop Thessaloniki, INZEB Athens),2 in Hungary (Józsefváros, Terézváros), 1 in Latvia (Jelgava), 3 in Portugal (Ermesinde, Lisbon, Mértola) and 5 in Spain (Tolosaldea region, REC Hernani, Tierra Estella, Oarsoaldea region, Bergara

“Local Energy Poverty Alleviation offices are a one-stop-shop for energy poverty Mitigation using the POWERPOOR approach”

The municipalities that have established an energy poverty alleviaiton office are depicted below. 

offices v2Image 2