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News | 16.12.2020

POWERPOOR Kick-off meeting


24 and 25 of September 2020

The POWERPOOR project has been officially launched. Empowering energy poor people through joint energy initiatives coupled with innovative funding schemes is in the heart of the project. In the next 3 years, the POWERPOOR project, funded by EU's research and innovation programme HORIZON2020, will work on helping households that are having a hard time keeping their homes adequately warm in the winter and sufficiently cool in the summer.

In the kick-off meeting the team got acquainted and discussed about the ambitious goals the projects thrives to reach. The partners are experts in the field and motivated to work on the project with the goal of reaching out to the energy poor as well as influence policy making through the projects’ results. Keep posted to see how we are going to achieve all the ambitious goals set within the project’s duration but also how we plan on significantly reducing the EU levels of energy poverty in the long run.