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News | 10.02.2021

Housing magazine ELAMU (DWELLING) 3/2020


ARTICLE on the 1th November 2020, 

Article in the housing managzine ELAMU (publisher EKYL) on EKYL's new Horizon2020 projects, including POWERPOOR 

Support for projects tackling energy poverty


Energy poverty represents a serious challenge today. As a result, supporting programmes and alternative financial initiatives have emerged as a viable means to mitigate its effects on energy-poor citizens. The EU-funded POWERPOOR project will develop projects that support energy-poor citizens and the use of alternative financing options such as cooperatives or crowdfunding. It will encourage the exchange of experience and knowledge, the realisation of small-scale energy efficiency interventions and the installation of renewable energy sources. Pilot support projects will be planned and developed in eight EU countries under the direction of certified energy supporters/mentors who will support over 22 000 energy-poor households and encourage citizen engagement. The results will improve policymakers’ knowledge and be used for global and EU initiatives.