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Among POWERPOOR’s key objectives is to engage with energy poor citizens and groups through various planned activities, focal points, and ICT-driven tools. The solution proposed within POWERPOOR heavily depends on building a community and interacting within this community. A strong network of Energy Supporters and Mentors will be the first ones to contact and support energy poor citizens. The Energy Supporters’ and Mentors’ work will be complemented by the Local Energy Poverty Offices that will operate as focal points for energy poverty in the municipalities participating at the project. At the same time, a Stakeholder Liaison Group will be established, including several actors from different organisations acting as campaigners of POWERPOOR’s goals and activities.

At a glance

The stakeholders consist of key actors and target groups aiming at alleviating energy poverty. Stakeholders can be part of but not limited to: Local/Regional authorities, Housing providers, social workers, health practitioners, representatives from alternative financing schemes, civil society, academia or technical university students, and any other stakeholder linked to energy planning/services.

What individuals can do

Whether you are an expert on energy poverty or you just now begin to grasp the concept, you can contribute and be part of the solution!

Contact us and be part of the POWERPOOR activities!