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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

In Spain, a strategy against energy poverty was presented during the first months of 2019. Regarding the monitoring of energy poverty, the 4 indicators recommended by the EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) have been measured. The results from the last analysis with data from 2016, performed by the non-profit association of environmental sciences (ACA), include: 15% of households experience difficulties in achieving adequate heating/cooling, 6% arrears on energy bills, and 29% of households pay excessively high or excessively low energy bills. Regarding energy cooperatives in Spain, there is a big movement promoting cooperatives as a form of decentralized energy production owned by people.

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Find out your own assessment and customised tips in the toolkit section. Train to become an energy supporter or mentor and help others in your community to tackle energy poverty. Find out more about the project’s collaborations with Spanish municipalities. Help us increase out outreach for a fairer and cleaner future.

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