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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

Over 23% of the total population in Portugal lives in very poor conditions. The most relevant indicator is households’ inability to keep their homes adequately warm, with Portugal accounting for 20.4% in 2017, according to the EU Energy Poverty Observatory. 22% and 29% of the inhabitants are potentially energy poor in terms of meeting heating and cooling needs respectively of dwellings. According to OpenExp ‘European Energy Poverty Index’, Portugal ranks 4th among the worst, with a ‘very high’ level of energy poverty. Energy cooperatives in Portugal are promoted as a form of decentralized energy production owned by people.

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Find out your own assessment and customised tips in the toolkit section. Train to become an energy supporter or mentor and help others in your community to tackle energy poverty. Find out more about the project’s collaborations with Portuguese municipalities. Help us increase out outreach for a fairer and cleaner future.


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