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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

In Latvia, according to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) survey, 22% of Latvia’s population were at risk of poverty in 2016. Latvia has one of the highest energy expenditures to income ratio (14.5%), according to the European Energy Poverty Observatory. This high percentage remains at the same level and is not expected to decline in the near future. As in other EU countries, buildings in Latvia are the largest energy consumers; 37% of the final energy consumption is attributed to households, 85% of the consumed energy is used for heating and hot water preparation. Households in Latvia consume twice more energy than the average in Europe to achieve the same welfare level. Furthermore, there are no community energy-type projects in Latvia yet, the definition of energy poverty is not elaborated (currently in the process to be included in legislation). Energy cooperatives have not been formed to date.

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Find out your own assessment and customised tips in the toolkit section. Train to become an energy supporter or mentor and help others in your community to tackle energy poverty. Find out more about the project’s collaborations with Latvian municipalities. Help us increase out outreach for a fairer and cleaner future.

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