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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

In Estonia, it is estimated that over half of the building stock does not achieve summer comfort; 80% of the housing stock is built in 1960-1990; two thirds of the housing stock are apartment houses; 40-60% of household energy costs are associated with heating; 70% of households heating is from district heating. The funding priority is social inclusion to reduce the rate of  people at risk of poverty to 15% in 2020. The expected result is to achieve up to 45% energy savings in reconstructed apartment buildings by 2023. National authorities are currently creating the conditions for the establishment of energy communities / cooperatives.

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Find out your own assessment and customised tips in the toolkit section. Train to become an energy supporter or mentor and help others in your community to tackle energy poverty. Find out more about the project’s collaborations with Estonian municipalities. Help us increase out outreach for a fairer and cleaner future.

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