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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

Current Estonian national development documents do not deal with energy poverty as a separate issue. Household subsistence is monitored fully at national as well as at local government level. The ‘Welfare Development Plan 2016-2023 focuses on poverty reduction and aims at the reduction of the absolute poverty rate to 5,8% and reduction of the relative poverty rate to 15% by 2023. In Estonia, the person suffering from energy poverty is linked with the subsistence allowance, which means that recipients of the subsistence allowance also include people experiencing energy poverty. Energy Sector Organization Act defines ‘vulnerable energy consumers’ as persons living alone for the purposes of the Social Welfare Act or families whose monthly income per family member during the last six months does not exceed the minimum wage and  ‘person suffering from energy poverty’ as a person living alone for the purposes of the Social Welfare Act, or a family who has, at least once during the last six months, received a subsistence benefit and whose income per family member in the last month does not exceed the minimum wage.

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Why Estonia?

Energy Supporters and Mentors in Estonia

POWERPOOR provides to everyone who is interested in alleviating energy poverty the opportunity to become an Energy Supporter and Mentor by taking part in training sessions. The content of the trainings is available in the POWERPOOR Online Trainer Library along with other interesting energy poverty related materials. There are various trainings taking place in the 8 pilot countries and in an EU level. Follow us on social media to find out more about the upcoming ones. 

3 trainings have taken place in Estonia. 132 people got trained and 68 of them followed the certification process and became POWERPOOR Energy Supporters or Mentors. 

Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices in Estonia

In Estonia, 1 Energy Poverty Alleviation Office has been established in Tallinn. The role of energy poverty alleviation offices can be found here.


Find out some key best practices from implementing the POWERPOOR appoach in Estonia. 

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