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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

In Croatia, energy poverty is not clearly defined, nor general criteria or methodologies for determining energy poverty have been established so far. Nevertheless, energy poverty exists as a term in the Energy Efficiency Act. Croatian legislation has not yet adopted criteria that would cover broader categories of energy vulnerability of households than the criteria for assistance to vulnerable households in meeting electricity costs. The definition of an energy-vulnerable household in the Regulation on criteria for acquiring the status of vulnerable energy customers from networked systems does not take into account all aspects of vulnerability, and the status of vulnerable energy customer should not only apply to electricity but also to other forms of energy (e.g., heat) as well. Also, Croatia does not currently have an established system for monitoring energy poverty, which is why there is no clear insight into the real situation of energy-vulnerable households.

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Why Croatia?

Energy Supporters and Mentors in Croatia

POWERPOOR provides to everyone who is interested in alleviating energy poverty the opportunity to become an Energy Supporter and Mentor by taking part in training sessions. The content of the trainings is available in the POWERPOOR Online Trainer Library along with other interesting energy poverty related materials. There are various trainings taking place in the 8 pilot countries and in an EU level. Follow us on social media to find out more about the upcoming ones. 

2 trainings have taken place in Croatia. 9 people got trained and 4 of them followed the certification process and became POWERPOOR Energy Supporters or Mentors. 

Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices in Croatia

In Croatia, 2 Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices have been established.One is in the city of Zagreb and the other on is in the city of Križevci. The role of energy poverty alleviation offices can be found here.


Other municipalities within the POWERPOOR network

In Croatia, 2 municipalities are engaged representing 820 thousand people. The municipalities are Zagreb, and Križevci.

Find out some key best practices from implementing the POWERPOOR appoach in Croatia. 

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